Technical Manual

The downloadable protostar Technical Manual PDF is your go-to guide for all protostar credits. It includes details about each protostar credit, including credit criteria, a description of how points are earned, the reporting fields that participants complete to document earning the credit, guidance on measurement, relevant definitions, and examples. This document also provides background on how the system was developed, how ratings are calculated, and more.

Credit Checklist 

The protostar Credit Checklist gives you a quick snapshot of all the credits included in the technical manual. Download this very helpful document as a PDF (.pdf) or Excel doc (.xls).


protostar only posts positive ratings, and each rating level represents a significant boost in sustainability leadership. Participating in protostar, which includes gathering extensive data and sharing it publicly, demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that should be recognized – and applauded.

Two ways to earn a rating.

There are two methods for earning a protostar rating. 1) Schools that want to participate in protostar but don’t want to publish their scores may participate as a protostar Reporter. And 2) Schools looking to be scored can earn one of four other levels of protostar ratings: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Each Rating level corresponds with a scoring threshold:

Rating Minimum Score Required
Reporter No scores are made public
Bronze 25
Silver 45
Gold 65
Platinum 85

3-year Rating.

Once you submit for a rating, that rating will be in effect for three years. You’re free to update any information in your school’s profile, but remember – any data that is shared publicly will only be updated when your school submits for a new rating. Importantly, once your school has earned a credit, it’s expected that you’ll make every effort to maintain your good standing throughout the 3-year rating period.

Credit Applicability

Some credits do not apply to some types of schools. For example, credits involving residence halls do not apply to public schools. In those instances, the school may opt out by indicating that the credit is “not applicable.” Points associated with “not applicable” credits do not detract from its overall score. Schools earn a score based on the percentage of applicable points they earn.

protostar Report Accuracy

For proper reporting, data accuracy is key. To help ensure that the information schools submit in their protostar reports is 100% accurate, there are three primary mechanisms in place:

For each credit, a Responsible Party from the school will provide a statement that the information submitted is accurate

The school’s Head of School or principal must write a letter stating that all the information submitted is true

All of the information the school submits will be made publicly available through the protostar website